A journey from creation to situation

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Hammer Head

Hammer Head. Only Human Collection. Sam Shendi 2017

On Saturday in the early hours of the morning, the sculptor set off to take a number of sculptures down to St.Botolph’s building in Aldgate, London. It’s a long journey there and back in one day and it takes it out of him each time. The sculptures will be  on display for 6 months and dominating the reception area of this modern building.

Some people use only their heads to plough on through, working hard, determined to make a difference. They use their heads for work. It’s quite appropriate then that this sits inside the reception for a Law firm.

hammer head in lon 3hammer head london2Hammer h in london

preparing the hammer head

It is easy to forget once they are inside an industrial building that these sculptures are all hand carved by my husband, it’s so ‘perfect’ looking, with today’s modern industry where things are moulded and formed by machines. My husband’s  philosophy is that art should be beautiful, he has such skill with his hands and traditional sculpture methods which makes me believe he is one of the classic sculptors in our time and we are working to get him known for that. Behind each piece is a philosophy, a story.

The sculptures themsleves go on such a journey from creation, being in the studio, photo shoots and they look different being placed in the ‘outside world’ rather than being in the studio. These have had such a fantastic response on social media which affirms how these works should be out in the public arena wherever possible.

We are all on that journey. From the start, to where we will end up and how we will tunnel our way along. Laid back with no ambition? Meandering along life’s twists turns? Or like a hammer in a relentless and repetitive rhythm to achieve the end result. It is a journey in the making from creation to situation.

To go and view these pieces you can get in touch with info@ARTful.org.uk.


Sky, Earth, Water

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I have caught some beautiful days this summer. Wandering. Walking. Captivated by the clouds and flowers this year. Always looking up for some loftier inspiration. I dart around like the swallows in my pursuit for easier homemaking, exercise, minimising and reducing waste, writing and looking after our business and the boys. Reminded recently about the need to be grateful for the place where we are at, both  mentally and physically. I am fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the world. Sometimes grounding ourself in the importance of seeing something through, brings us back to earth.

Sky Earth Water (2016)

Gorgeous, stunning piece for a wordless Wednesday post

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‘Mother of Many’ 2016 by Sam Shendi


Conversation with a bird

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the bird

My husband has been at the studio rediscovering an old material. I always felt that having a studio space would change his practice and it is doing. In various ways this piece is impressive and has caused an interesting reaction on his social media networks. It has provoked between us conversations about the importance of what sculpture is made from, the impermanence of a material, the weight of a piece. When I see some of the things that are taken in galleries as ‘sculpture ’I do wonder why for this piece it can’t be the end result. However, for this to go outdoors then it would probably need to be cast into something more durable. What is it made from? What is the material? What do you think?

 woman on side

The other evening when my husband showed the boys and I images of the piece, our eldest boy immediately saw the knees, said it was a woman sitting, talking to a bird. So the discussion around our kitchen table brought about the title for the piece.


I am in constant awe at the talent my husband has, it doesn’t diminish with time. He just gets better. The work is deeper and the ideas expand. However, this is an old style and theme of his but a different scale and medium and the addition to the colour makes it for me simply divine.  The frustration is that this type of work evokes this response more than the other more costly more conceptual pieces. It is less designer and more ‘created’. For me it’s the talent of his sculpting, seeing the result of his hand on the work. The creator.


conversation with birdI found the solution to my strange foreboding feeling and an answer to my ‘waspishness’ and pulled in a million directions. This piece kind of encapsulates it for me. We can often feel up and down, it is a natural rhythm to our human struggle. We search for something to fill the void. We turn to things to fill a need but they don’t satisfy.  We turn outwardly to the world. We need that conversation with a bird. We must commune with nature. We must turn within and focus our hearts on remembrance. Ultimately there is only one thing that can give us a natural high. The divine. We must turn to our creator.