Yin & Yang is life

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Life isn’t always black and white. It’s technicolour, pastel, vibrant, dull, shades of grey.

Yin and Yang is the ancient chinese philosophy of dualism. Symbolising how opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected and interdependent with each other.

Rather than opposing one another two different things can work in harmony. Shadow can not exist without light. The sculptor and I, are defiantly Yin and Yang and this has taught me a great deal. Living, working and raising two children with someone who is very different is extremely interesting. It has had its challenges but the laughter far aways those and for the boys hugely beneficial.

As individuals we all meet the darkness, dip into negative thoughts, doubts and fears and yet we also have days when we think we have wings and can fly. The beauty of life is riding those highs and lows and understanding without one we wouldn’t have the other. Important to master though, is the ability to reduce the time in those miserable moments to just moments rather than days and months and years. Finding the right balance.

Yin and Yang by Sam Shendi 2019

Despite all our differences; culture, religion, language, sex, political view point, we all share essential human emotions. This is what make us human. This is ultimately the main theme of my husband’s work. To enable us to understand our shared humanity. We shouldn’t need to define ourselves with labels, groups, with what makes us the same as or identify as being ‘not the same’ as someone else.

We are all individuals, unique and yet we are all one. Duality and unity. Yin and Yang. I love how when these two sculptures face each other it is almost heart shaped. When we accept others for who they are and we can accept ourselves we would be congruence with the true nature of humanity.

This pair have been in at an Artiq exhibition in London for the past 10 days. As I write the sculptor is on the way to collect them to bring them back to the studio and also deliver a piece for the Royal British Society of Sculptor’s summer exhibition. It’s all balance.

Colour TV

Colour, Steel

I was a little premature in posting the pictures in the last entry. We are now in colour. My son has been entertaining us with his talk and body movements about Charlie Chaplin this week. They are doing the topic, ‘Light Camera Action’. He interestingly observed that it was when TV was ‘black and white’. Colour TV first came to the Uk in 1967, 17 years after USA. Then the rest of the world in the 70’s and 80’s. Which isn’t that long ago. The amount of viewing time is a bit of a debate in our house. I fondly remember my final year as a student when I didn’t have one. However, now cartoons and films are hard to let go.

 These colours are very child friendly, primary colours, vivid and bold. It makes the pieces playful, attractive and acts as a juxtaposition for the theme. We need to reflect on colour, brightness, light as the nights draw in. It was practically the middle of the night when we drove back from school. This is an interesting article which I must read more attentively Winter and TV.

‘Freedom of Speech’