Tonight is the night

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After several years of carving, crafting, working and whipping up huge sculptural stories, tonight in Johannesburg the opening of my husband solo show will showcase all that work in one space at Graham’s Fine Art Gallery (photos from the gallery) The sculptor … Continue reading

‘Big step’, towards…

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This is the latest piece in the Giant Collection which I wrote about in an earlier post, the other two now stand proudly in Berkeley square house, London. Yesterday this piece, with much relief just about fitted into the hired … Continue reading

Transporting transformation

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There is a bite in the air, the season is changing. As my eldest son and I drove to swimming lessons the other night we spotted trees turning from their summer green into autumn shades. We saw a miraculous site … Continue reading

Art Swap: ‘In search of Major Tom’ for ‘Poison’ featuring Carlos Martyn Burgos

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I have been slow to upload these art swaps. I am trying to keep on top of it. This is the beautiful work of Carlos Martyn Burgos, you can see his work at I have liked his work ever … Continue reading

Studio Serendipity

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Some times things do just happen all at once or as though things are happening as they are meant to. Serendipity, just sprung to mind. What a word ! it means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”. This is exactly what happened … Continue reading


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Espacio is Spanish for ‘space’ (as in distance between objects). It is interesting how the space a gallery has can aid the whole exhibition. My husband felt that this was one of the most successful opening events he had been … Continue reading