Mademoiselle at Sculptour Beukenhof

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madame 2 outsideMadame outside

Of course, with all my brilliant blog planning, I didn’t include these glorious pictures in my last blog post (see link for last post). Mademoiselle strutting her stuff in the grounds of Beukenhof, Belgium. It has been a gloriously sunny week here and I made a deliberate attempt to get a little walk and a little run in. Something caught my eye the other day, about the healing aspect of being in nature and that we are very detached from that these days. Just being in the presence of the trees, the birds.

However, the birds seem to be using the area around our house as their toilet just now. My car is covered and this morning as I was hanging out the towels to dry, one such bird just happened to release right above me. Not very pleasant. Not very ‘mademoiselle’ !

Dandelions, Daisies and Daffodils

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‘Top view’

'Front View'

‘Front View’

It struck me whilst walking in the park that it wasn’t long since a thick blanket of snow lay across the land, out of the depths of winter new life burst through. How quickly things can change. Like our mood, like the highs and lows of daily life. The rhythm of nature mirroring our own inner worlds. The flowers are finally starting to appear and little burst of sun shine pierces through the april showers. We have to ride the storms of life with patience and wait and hope for those joyful moments that makes us appreciate all we have.  Happy Friday, enjoy this blessed day.