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'The Kiss'

‘The Kiss’

Just before we went away we had exciting news that ‘The Kiss’ had sold through Saatchi Online. This really eased our holiday and return back to business. The arrangements for shipment were made for Friday 9th so my husband had time to prepare the sculpture, flat pack it and pack it up. I was really impressed by his precision and arrangement for the packing. This series of work has always been my favourite but the fact that it can be flat packed to ship I think could be the way to go! After printing out all the necessary paper work, the DHL driver arrived on time but took one look and lift and refused to take it. The volume weight was larger than had been booked. I tried to rearrange it but we had to go back to Saatchi.

So a quick email to Saatchi USA was sent, but of course due the time difference they wouldn’t be opening until 5pm our time. So we made a few phone calls and left some messages. Finally we got a call at 9pm on Friday evening to check if the package had been collected. So it was just luck they called us. After emails and reprinting labels it was finally collected on Monday so yesterday we said goodbye to ‘The Kiss’ and sent it to Panama. Not sure that the driver instilled much confidence when he recounted another delivery of a precious stone horse that he delivered where the head fell off in the unpacking. Might have to do constant tracking…

At the same time that we were in communication with Saatchi online we were emailing back and forth about the next potential sale with ‘The Hay Hill Gallery’. Last week after picking up ‘The Family’ from Berkley square, whilst doing so my husband said he brushed by a gentlemen dressed in a long grey coat and tight jeans and the “stains of snobbiness” dripped on the floor behind him. HIs account of this interaction to me just one of his social observations that he continually notices. Instead of bringing ‘The Family’ back to Yorkshire as planned it got taken across to Hay Hill gallery and was left there, within 48 hours there was a potential buyer. The work is really on a journey now. It’s been a successful start to 2015 and with the sculptor being busy I am in the shop.  Hoovering, dusting and washing up have dropped to the bottom of my priority list. I wonder if we sell another piece we could afford a cleaner?

family sold

‘The Family’

Sun, sea, sand sculptures ( and some ancient writing on the wall)


Years used to be punctuated in school holidays, more so because my parents were both teachers. Gradually this shifted in my 20’s to January being a month of heavy diary entries, promises to improve and a new way of seeing the world. Last year a list of three things. The first I achieved daily, the second a little in the last two weeks of the year and I can’t even remember what the third one was. Such is the way of resolutions.

2015 has begun in cocoon not even realising a sense of time or day. 18 days of sunshine, with sea air was the tonic to an intense and busy four years. I sat starting out at sea and wondered why we like to find peace in vast open nothingness. I heard somewhere that the sea is the world’s consciousness. Perhaps, we stare at the blank blue canvas which give us a mirror to our own conscious being. For the boys the days on the beach with the sculptor were playing and digging resulting in these:


Now we have to dig in and start again or get back on the treadmill of reality. So I slowly uncurl after being spoilt with an amazing trip and focused family time. Having been in the sun and coming back to the cold is a little disorinatating and the new year seems meaningless. It has made me realise how arbitory time is. When we looked at the creations of the ancient Egyptians the mind blowing factor was just how long ago it was created and that it was all for the afterlife. The creativity of humanity with the drawings and the pigmentation within the desert showed their skill and precision and search for meaning.


Each time I go to Egypt I learn something, somehow the country challenges your comfort zones. Perhaps this is more so because my husband is Egyptian and this time I realised more than ever that I am raising two Egyptian boys. They thrived in the heat, they learnt some arabic and displayed their social skills meeting family for the first time and making friends everywhere they went. I embrace this for them, the uniqueness of having two cultures so diverse and so contrasting and hope that they can use the best of both for themselves. I have lots of little anecdotes and stories but feel it would make this too long. We are back to the every day life of juggling work and art. The boys struggled last night knowing Baba was going away, even just for one night, having had such quality time with him. The Sculptor is already in London collecting the appropriately named; ‘The Family’ from it’s stay in Berkley square London and this last week has been busy packaging up ‘The Kiss’ which we say goodbye to and send to Panama on its new journey.

So we use the ancient writing on the wall to move forward, the sun’s energy to give us strength to get through a grey January and the thoughts of the sea to develop our consious awareness. It’s the start of a busy year for the sculptor and so for all of us on this journey of art and meaning.