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other art fair

This was the stand at ‘The Other Art Fair’ this weekend which has been a busy few days for both of us for different reasons. Last night when I was tidying up the house after being busy with the boys for the weekend my husband phoned to say he was finally on his way home and also to tell me about his interview.

Tracey Emin selling works for £50 was a little bit controversial, for some her presence pulled in the crowd but if people were spending and buying her work rather than the 100 picked artists there to sell and promote then it half defeated the point. Anyway,

If you are not too squeamish to watch the taxidermy which really doesn’t do it for me, continue watching to spot the stand in the footage below and a bit further on hear my husband’s interview with CNN at about 2 min 12. I am very proud and quite excited to find out more details about selling some pieces in the last 15 minutes of the 3 day event!

Also images in the local news in the feature:

Keighley News: Bespoke Art nod to Tour  so again, if you are not London-based take a trip to Damside Mill in Haworth.

The Other Art Fair

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The other art fair

It is two years since we were last at The Other Art Fair and we all went down for the show. This year I am taking the boys to London this weekend and my husband is going down at the end of the month as I will have to stay and hold fort at the shop. So preparations are underway for “ The Keyhole Family “ collection to go down and be on show this month. Here is a small taster of the 14 pieces that will be on sale (24-27 April). Each one, an original and the last series of this collection. Apparently Tracey Emin will be there signing  and selling limited edition prints. Wonder what she will think of the little men…..


keyhole 2 keyhole keyhole 3 keyhole 4

The Journey to The Other Art Fair

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‘Sam Shendi Sculptures. The Other Art Fair. May 2012

I had been anxious about taking my two small boys on the train to London by myself. Armed with a number of activity books, crayons and pencils and a picnic lunch to feed the train I was more than prepared. Catching the train back was a little more dramatic with 55 minutes to get a bus ride to Brixton and then an 18 minute tube journey to Kings Cross. Needless to say, with large rucksack on my back, pushchair with toddler in front and small boy holding my hand, we ran like we have never run before. As we jumped on the train the doors shut behind us and pulled off from the station. My face was beetroot. Red (like my last blog entry).

As I took my eldest to school on Monday morning in the car, I contemplated how we would get to school without it. In rural yorkshire I am so dependant on my car. Public transport in London was an adventure all by itself. Journeys take us to the destination and we see it as a means to an end but the adventure is often as much in the travel. It made me reflect on my husbands long journey to get to the point he was at, at The Other Art Fair this weekend. It has taken him almost 12 years to get the body of work he now has together.

With the insistence on using high quality material and with no external funding the financial side has taken a while. Along side, the development in his practice has also been a journey. Starting mostly with clay he manipulated this material to form his pieces. It was always costly to cast them one night  many perished in an almighty crash when the table they were on collapsed under the weight and shattered probably near on 50 clay works. This prompted a move into wooden shapes with small figures ( see earlier blog entries) and took a direction that made his works larger. Looking back these works were precursors to the pieces we have now, which almost mould together abstract shape and figure into one. Linking both the clay work and larger work together. With the final splash of colour we have the body of work which was shown at The Other Art Fair, London. What a success. The journey still continues with lots of exciting propositions and projects ahead.

Like in life the adventure is the journey you just have to focus on the present to make the most of it.

Reading, Ready, Red


A dear new friend has lent me ‘The Time Traveler’s wife’ to read. I can not stop reading. I need to be getting ready but I can not put the book down. It is almost in my hand as I write. This week is another mentally and physically busy week getting everything ready for this weekend. The other art Fair.

We have all been under the weather, for what seems like the whole of the year. However, I am attempting to boost our immune systems with vitamin tablets and positive thinking in aim to get us all to London. Whilst my husband has been in the middle of a little drama over van hire and driving to city, transferring sculptures across town, I am anxiously preparing for the train journey with our two boys. I wish I could time travel and just get us there in a flash. When I tilted this blog it had a familiar feel to it and I did do a search just incase there were any other sculptor’s wives out there. Perhaps I was subconsciously thinking of ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’. On reflection, is the book is about the Time Traveler or The wife? It is, if you haven’t had the pleasure of reading it written in both his and her voice. Not quite like this blog which I feel is leaning too heavily on my voice but then perhaps that is the point!

This piece has been newly painted, and in all its red glory looks very different to its former metal state. It is one of my favourites, it’s me balancing motherhood and all the colour it brings to life. For some reason it makes me think of the ‘Time Traveler’s wife’ perhaps the futuristic feel to it or that ironically she was a sculptor too. So would definitely recommend the read. Better go and get ready. Lots of ‘red’ at The Other Art Fair this weekend.

Friday 11th May 11am-8pm – Sat 12th May 11am-6pm – Sun 13th May 11am-6pm – AMBIKA P3, MARYLEBONE ROAD, LONDON, NW1


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After a few attempts at writing this post, I finally had inspiration and the inspired image. This last month, I have been purposely finding inspiration from many ways. Connecting with people more, in both real and virtual ways and making a little bit more time for myself. Inspiration is, after all, around us, “staring at us; we just have to see it”, as my husband says.

Despite declaring that this blog is the ‘musings of the muse’, I am not the ‘the sculptors inspiration.’ Most of the time inspiration is hiding from me, tucked away under the laundry of daily life. I am not  a vessel of inspiration.We can have a romantic idea that the painters muse is the painted woman. That somehow someone can give us the ‘fire’ of ideas. I am sure that people can be a muse, a number of people have inspired me this month. Perhaps there is a difference in the process of how a painter gathers inspiration and creates work to that of a sculptor. However, in writing this I realise that even if asked to do a portrait from clay my husband would work from memory rather than have someone to ‘sit’. My husband has a way of absorbing everything around him and then the talent to be able to translate that into a drawing which is more often than not a sketch of a 3d piece. This piece had been sketched years ago – I found it in an old sketch book but also more recently the same idea came back again and so it had to be realised in 3d form. On a design level the difference about this piece is that it explores the horizontal much more than the other pieces but using the same geometric design and playful colour.

This piece again has a fun element as it could be a number of things, our eldest son, on seeing it today in the kitchen thought it could be an aeroplane but he then said, no ‘it has to be a bird because it has eyes’. It has a feel of a Manga cartoon character and by giving the title to this piece, “The girl next door’ it almost instructs the viewer to see a ‘portrait’. Although, as our Son rightly pointed out, “girls ponytails don’t got out in a line like that Baba”. The purpose to such an obvious title  highlights that inspiration can be found right in front of our nose. Indeed, inspiration is inside all of us we just need to know where to look.

 The girl next door will be visiting:

The Other Art Fair, next week. 11th -13th May. Ambika P3, Marylebone Road, London NW1.

Three or Four P’s

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Is planning and organisation better than spontaneity? I can never decide, in my indecisive nature, I don’t think I am much of a planner but having children requires you to have some sense of routine. I believe as humans we do require some order and daily rituals. The negative side is when things don’t go to plan. Expectation is a heavy load. Read ‘Outside Air‘ about expectation.. I think I tend to procrastinate a lot, which is not great for organisation. I recently read that procrastination is associated with perfectionism. Is that good or bad? As in all things, balance is key. My husband does everything in the moment, now. He doesn’t procrastinate but it most probably a perfectionist.

As an artist my husband has a dual personality towards planning. In making his sculptures there is a sort of plan. He sketches, almost constantly. Then revises and choses to develop a certain piece. After it’s made the colour is then chosen. We currently have two new pieces sitting in our hallway. One of which was designed to be something but has since become something else. So there is always room for manoeuvre. We are having to be a bit more organised at the moment with his regular trips to London. He is on his way down again today. Since being selected as an artist with Debut Contemporary (currently curator’s pick if you go through to the link) he has featured in Candid Magazine, also been selected for The Other Art Fair and is having his work showcased on a large board outside BOXPARK  in London. This Saturday he is back down in London again for his Debut and Debut with his workshop. So it is a busy time.

In preparation for his workshop it has been interesting seeing how he has approached the planning side of things. Various email exchanged have happened to organise the curatorial side of his sculptures in the gallery. When he was first thinking about organising it, the worrier in him kicked in, he really started planning, went out and bought all the various equipment for what he was thinking of doing, had some great ideas. Then it went on hold. Now the spontaneous artist has appeared and what will happen on Saturday, who knows. Why not plan a visit to Debut Contemporary to find out …..

Saturday 21st April 2012 12-6pm