Why the long face, soul so beautiful?

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Soul so beautiful Oh soul, so light, so beautiful This world is just too much for you Your feet are treading softly On broken glass The pain seeps from your skin Your eyes flicker of the sadness within As you … Continue reading

Words and one picture

I didn’t think it through, how I was going to write 1600 plus words a day #nanowrimo as well as everything else that needs to be done. I am writing everyday though and that is itself a huge milestone. I … Continue reading

Challenges: Nanowrimo, Solo exhibition & Surrey sculpture Society talk all in one month!

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At the beginning of the year I started a 30 day yoga challenge which I did successfully and have repeated it throughout this year. At the beginning of September I gave myself the challenge of compiling a book of my … Continue reading


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I had to look this up: IMBUE I didn’t even think it was a word. It’s a great word. Imbue takes meaning from the word imbibe, which means “to absorb or to be filled with”.I was imbued with energy yesterday … Continue reading