‘Oh, Sit down’

Public Art

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Another day, another journey, another sound, another sculpture. Another trip to London for the sculptor and the alarm was set for 2.30, which shrilly woke us both up. I can’t complain though. I got a lie in because the puppy went for his first long road trip and for me, just having the two boys felt like a ‘doddle’ for the first time! We still only just managed to get to school on time though as I did several jobs and left getting ready to go to the shop, until the last-minute as usual. A little bit worried about the puppy in the van but need not be as apparently he has been fine. The complication, as there always has to be one is that both sculptor and right hand man have coincidentally left their wallets in their cars. Let’s just hope they can re-fuel and don’t have to sit on the roadside like last time!

A few more sculptures were delivered to the Hignell Gallery, so they now have several pieces from the Calligraphy collection. The main purpose for the trip though, seems a bit surreal as the mission is to collect ‘The Bench’ from London but it still feels premature to declare its new home as the ink has not dried as they say. It was monumental that it was positioned across from Canary Wharf for over 6 months after being in Bradford. The sculpture itself will have sat and rested in very different locations.

The piece was created I seem to recall, in thinking of a  sculpture for a hospital, with the idea of people supporting each other. Furthermore, the idea that public benches hold memories for all the people who have sat and contemplated, thought, spoken, cried, celebrated over the years in that one place. Symbolic in that the bench doesn’t see the differences between, colour, education, class but contains the memory of everyone who has passed by.

It is also  the most minimalistic way of showing a male and a female, with references of Henry Moore’s King and Queen it is a  modern 21st century interpretation. As with all my husband’s work, the simple brightly coloured exterior is a way to attract your attention but the deeper meaning a message to contemplate.

This morning my eldest and I looked at the words of an old piece of paper with Desiderata, that I used to have in the bathroom growing up. It seemed to inspire him as it has done me over the years. Memories can be found in strange places. As I listened to the band James on Radio 2 today it takes me back to the journey of growing up with their anthems as a soundtrack. 25 years since they realised ‘Sit down’. So find a bench to sit on and ‘sit down’ and remember.



On the edge

Making, Soul searching

‘On the edge’

This work was the pre-cursor work I mentioned in a recent blog using plinth and figure which has now  grown into the new work of abstract figure and plinth blended together. The philosophy of the work has also taken on a more abstract but more cheerful approach.

Perhaps this is visually a little depressing but it doesn’t have to be viewed that way. Sometimes we need to take that plunge into the unknown for a glorious ‘after plunge’. Being deep in thought can be lonesome but it can also be uplifting. We sometimes need that time to rebalance ourselves. Gather our thoughts and re-address. I’ve backtracked a little by putting this image up but it seemed very appropriate to our current situation. My husband is ‘waiting’ which requires a calm, a patience and serenity. These are not his forte but he is so far managing well with it. He is so busy juggling business and the art world and making a large body of new work. There are two or three exciting projects happening from next week but it is whether something will come from these that gives him the next boost. Again, he is sitting on the edge of ‘something’. In any pursuit of a goal, though, there is a constant reaching a peak and therefore always being on the edge. It is unfortunately the nature of clambering after a dream. If this is my husband then, I am stood just a little to the side, looking out to what is ahead hopefully reassuring that the next mountain is not so high. There is, or can be someone behind us, to the side of us or indeed above us to support, guide and encourage.


Making, Relationships

Manipulated image of The nIghtwatchman

'The Nightwatchman'

I have realised with the time away from blogging for a while I was going off track a little and not really writing much about being ‘The sculptor’s wife’ which relating to this piece has meant various visits from a guy who has been involved with the painting of this piece. The finished product arrived on our kitchen table and looked pretty impressive. I do like the bold coloured pieces. We had a wooden painted piece outside our house for ages until the wind and the water totally dismantled it (people now get confused as to where our house is still looking for the sculpture!)

There is sometimes a blur between being the ‘sculptor’s wife’ and the ‘Egyptian’s wife’ where culture and artistic temperament entwine. We have just had my sister in law to visit which was great to have her here, first time to europe, first time to travel alone, first time to our house. I was official tour guide and english cuisine cook but it was great to have the Egyptian language light up the house and the laughter and some delicious dishes and it always helps to have another woman in the house!!

Back to the top images… the latest project is manipulating images of sculptures which we are hoping to make into a new project. Here is an example but if I can get my act together…more to come. So don’t forget to take a visit to this blog everynow and again to see what’s new.